Nutritional  Consulting

4 years of experience.

Advice from a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant is a great way to help you address diet, energy levels, weight management, gut health, and more. Working with our CHNC, you’ll have the opportunity to have your nutritional imbalances assessed and have a professional develop a unique, individualized nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement plan that can help you achieve optimal health, complete with support, education, follow-ups, and guidance. At any age or any stage, discover the positive effects of a holistic way of life. 

Support the progress of your health goals with an analysis of your symptoms and create a personalized health plan to address the root cause.


More about our Nutritional Consulting:

How can Nutritional Consulting help me?

The quality of food we eat affects the well-being that we experience. Through comprehensive assessments, our nutritional consultant can analyze symptoms of nutritional imbalances to help you with the following:

• Support your body to function optimally in everyday activities or sports
• Improve your energy to keep you active through the day
• Positively improve mood and increase focus
• Reduce Systemic Inflammation
• Increase wellness and longevity
• Maintain a healthy Immune system
• Support proper digestion
• Support the Endocrine (hormone) system
• Support detoxification

With proper nutrition, you can provide your body with the nutrients needed for growth & repair, helping you stay strong & healthy, while assisting to reduce the risk of diet related diseases such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes & strokes. Sign up for a program today.

Nutritional Programs Offered by Kira Greasley, B.A., CHNC

30min Consultation Fee  – $45 + GST

Wondering if a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant is the right choice for you? This relaxed, 30-minute session will allow you and I to have an opportunity to openly discuss where you are at with your health goals as well as gain insight as to how utilizing my services can assist you to achieve, maximize and maintain your health potential.

YOUR Deluxe Nutritional Journey – $275 + GST

In this two-part session, discover what your body is trying to tell you and how to achieve, maximize and maintain your health potential. Your first session will be a 60-minute visit where we will work together to complete a comprehensive assessment that will assist us to recognize and formulate your blueprint. Taking your blueprint in hand, I will spend time outside this appointment to create the framework which will provide you with the following:

• Detailed Client Report focusing on your specific Diet and Lifestyle requirements.
• List of individualized nutrient recommendations (Dietary and/or supplemental).
• Sample recipes based on your individualized nutrient list.
• A phone check in one week after receiving your client report.
• Email support of any questions or concerns of your report.

The next step is to book your second session of 30-minutes, two weeks after receiving your client report. In this session, we will review how you are adjusting to your new recommendations, your progress to date and as well as map out your treatment plan moving forward.

Follow-Up 30min Session – $75 + GST

In these follow up sessions, we will continue to work towards your health goals, building off the blueprint we have already started to create. The frequency of these follow-ups is determined by your commitment to your growth and success. It is recommended though that you commit to a minimum of 6 appointments for you to realize, achieve and maximize your full potential.

Coverage of NNCP Services

We are pleased to announce that Manulife, iA Financial Group, GreenShield Canada, Equitable Life Insurance, ClaimSecure Inc. and Blue Cross Alberta have done their due diligence and have chosen to recognize the services of NNCPs and RNTs, who remain in good standing with the CANNP. To be very specific, “Be advised, that in order to consider nutritional claims for reimbursement, the provider must be in good standing with the professional association. CANNP is such a recognized association.” So, if you have a client with Equitable Life, Manulife, iA Financial Group, GreenShield Canada, ClaimSecure Inc. or Blue Cross Alberta coverage, have them check that your services as an NNCP and/or RNT are covered. This applies if the client coverage includes nutrition or nutritional counseling services.

As well, Sunlife now offers some employers a Personal Spending Account within which Nutrition Counseling is covered.
  • Everyone at AST is the best.  I know I am always getting the care I need and everyone ensures that I am consistently comfortable.  My back rarely aches anymore and when it does I know it will be fixed ASAP.

    – Dania G.

  • It has allowed me to continue running crazy long distances in the mountains as well as being able to continue in life pain free.

    – Natalie K.

  • After a motor vehicle accident, it was the care and support from AST that got me back to a life of normalcy.  Looking forward to each and EVERY appointment is what got me through a very difficult time.  I recommend them to everyone I know.

    – Kathy K.

  • AST is my go to clinic for any injuries or pain I am having. All of the practitioners are very thorough and work to get to the root of the problem and effectively treat it. The front desk team are all extremely friendly and helpful. The staff go above and beyond to maintain a clean and safe environment especially during Covid. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking for a professional healthcare team!

    – Ally S.

  • I love this place! It doesn't matter what I come in with, they are able to help me and my entire family. I have 2 children, ages 5 and 7, and Dr. Jennifer Teasdale is absolutely a delight to deal with, and both my kids are excited to see her. There hasn't been a problem they haven't been able to help with. Highly recommend this place!

    – Christine S.

  • I have been seeing Dr, Finan for Chiropractic Treatment and Michelle for Physiotherapy for over 10 years with AST. They are always kind and informative, they really care about your health and well-being and they do whatever it takes to get you there. Both are so patient and they never address your symptoms without some education to go along with why you might feel the way to do and what you can do to help the process.

    – Kelly R.

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