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When Kira, a successful dance educator of 30 years, was hit with health problems from an injury in her 20’s, just 10 years into her dance career, she had one of the most significant “gut feelings” of her life. She had a feeling that there had to be something more to achieving optimal health. Kira took matters into her own hands, and started to advocate for her own health by working with an integrated medicine team as well as a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and started seeing, first hand, the positives effects of a holistic way of life.


Kira has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from the University of Calgary and then a Merit standing certification from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  She is truly knowledgeable in nutrition and communicating it in an accessible, approachable way.


Kira works with each of her clients as part of the integrative health team at AST. She believes that the root of reaching optimal health begins with what we put in and on our bodies, and that it goes back to that “gut feeling” she had, that there has to be more to just managing symptoms and surviving – but not thriving. Kira understands that each person has their own unique blueprint and therefore, their own unique nutritional needs. Kira guarantees to provide each client with their own slice of “PIE,” Promoting, Inspiring and Educating. She will provide nutritional guidance based on a person’s unique lifestyle, nutritional needs and health goals and is dedicated to helping each person, at any age and stage of life, thrive.

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