Golf Injury Prevention Workshop

Protect and Strengthen Your Body to Prevent Injury and Play Better
with Dr. James Motyer
Titleist Performance Institute Certified Chiroprator

Calling All Golfers!

Active Sports Therapy is inviting your groups of golfers to a free one hour session on preparing your body for the golf season. This workshop can be done at any point in the year as it examines common injuries, prevention, and more. Your group will login to a private zoom or in-person event and spend an hour with Dr. James Motyer B.Kin., DC, ART, TPI as he helps you work to protect and strengthen your body before and during the golf season. This is a great session to organize for your members.

The Workshop is Free of Charge for Your Golf Group – Here’s a Look at the Topic:

Golf is a sport requiring a very complex and coordinated set of movements every time we step up to the ball. Our body’s ability to move determines almost everything about our golf swing and what happens when this relationship is impacted.

This presentation will examine the fundamental aspects of your body and the golf swing. Looking specifically at how the body’s subtle mechanics affect the key components of the swing and some of the effects when these components go wrong due to injury or common faults in technique.

From issues in the wrist and elbow to the hips and ankles we will look at some of the common causes of these problems and injuries. Further, we will examine strategies to protect and strengthen your body to prevent these issue and future problems.

About Your Host:

Dr. James Motyer

Focuses on rehabilitation, soft tissue therapy, joint mobilization. Certified in Active Release Techniques (ART). Titleist Performance Institute certified in bio-mechanics of golf and related injury treatments.
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