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Ellen Wedemire

Uses a mix of manual therapy and exercise based rehabilitation to help people reach their goals of pain and injury recovery and prevention. Also a certified pelvic floor physiotherapist for patients with incontinence, prolapse, and pelvic pain.
Ellen Wedemire MScPT, BKin completed her Masters of Science in Physiotherapy through the University of Alberta and graduated with a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary prior to that.

As an athlete growing up in Calgary, Ellen was naturally drawn to her chosen field as she played any sport she could get involved in. Her favourite sport where she excelled was basketball and she’s enjoyed the transition from player to now youth basketball coach as well.

With her experience as an athlete, she fully understands the difficulty of being sidelined after an injury. Her passion lies in helping people recover from injuries and seeing them get back to doing the activities they love. With a special interest in manual therapy and exercise-based rehab she looks forward to serving her clients not only in recovery, but also with a strong focus on injury prevention.

Ellen is also trained in pelvic floor physiotherapy, and has completed many courses including: PT for incontinence, urgency and prolapse, pelvic pain, trauma-informed care, caesarean section rehab, taping for pregnancy, post-natal rehab and exercise, and more! Prior to becoming a physiotherapist, Ellen heard the stories of many post-natal women dealing with pelvic floor symptoms on a day to day basis, especially stress incontinence. This lead her to pursue a career in pelvic floor physiotherapy, where she can help both men and women return to living life symptom free, and/or learn how to manage symptoms independently on a day to day basis. As many people tend to avoid talking about pelvic floor issues in everyday life, Ellen is passionate about providing a space for people to speak about their experiences, and learn about their bodies as they move toward their goals.
  • Everyone at AST is the best.  I know I am always getting the care I need and everyone ensures that I am consistently comfortable.  My back rarely aches anymore and when it does I know it will be fixed ASAP.

    – Dania G.

  • It has allowed me to continue running crazy long distances in the mountains as well as being able to continue in life pain free.

    – Natalie K.

  • After a motor vehicle accident, it was the care and support from AST that got me back to a life of normalcy.  Looking forward to each and EVERY appointment is what got me through a very difficult time.  I recommend them to everyone I know.

    – Kathy K.

  • AST is my go to clinic for any injuries or pain I am having. All of the practitioners are very thorough and work to get to the root of the problem and effectively treat it. The front desk team are all extremely friendly and helpful. The staff go above and beyond to maintain a clean and safe environment especially during Covid. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking for a professional healthcare team!

    – Ally S.

  • I love this place! It doesn't matter what I come in with, they are able to help me and my entire family. I have 2 children, ages 5 and 7, and Dr. Jennifer Teasdale is absolutely a delight to deal with, and both my kids are excited to see her. There hasn't been a problem they haven't been able to help with. Highly recommend this place!

    – Christine S.

  • I have been seeing Dr, Finan for Chiropractic Treatment and Michelle for Physiotherapy for over 10 years with AST. They are always kind and informative, they really care about your health and well-being and they do whatever it takes to get you there. Both are so patient and they never address your symptoms without some education to go along with why you might feel the way to do and what you can do to help the process.

    – Kelly R.

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