What is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant?

Written By: Kira Greasley, B.A, CHNC.

The term holistic centres itself around the interrelationship of the mind, body and what one believes, otherwise known as spirit. These three factors are so interconnected that most of us overlook their relationship. We have disconnected the fact that what we put into and onto our bodies, directly influences how or what we do and even how and what we think.

As a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, I acknowledge that each person is biochemically distinct and has a unique set of nutritional needs in all three of these aspects. Backed with complete assessments and evidence-based research, I will take the guesswork out of a food-first approach for balancing your systems, and increasing your energy while setting your stage for life. This is not about counting calories, it is about empowering you with the tools for maximizing your optimal health potential, at any stage, through a dense nutrient profile, consisting of natural, alive, and good quality foods.

What my training will provide you is the following:

In short, I will empower you with your piece of nutritional PIE. Promoting, Inspiring and Educating you to reach your optimal health and thrive at any stage of life.

For 2023, lets’ get excited about empowering YOU to decide whether YOU are on a path to dis-ease or health, simply by what YOU put on your fork.

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Mindful Eating Tips For The Holiday's

Written by: Kira Greasley, BA, Nutritional Holistic Consultant,

Have you ever felt so stuffed that you could not move after one or several holiday festivities? I know I have! So for this holiday season, I am going to arm you with a few mindful eating tools, that will have you enjoying your festivities without that overstuffed feeling.

Tip #1: Size does matter. Choose the smaller plate and don’t load it up! I know this is a hard one when we are presented with so much amazing food, but trust me, this is an important one. Only take enough food to cover your plate, don’t build a mountain. You can always go back for seconds!

Tip #2: Build the colours of the rainbow with your food. This is a simple way to ensure you are getting the variety of required nutrients to nourish your body from head to toe.

Tip #3: Did you know that digestion begins with our eyes and nose? Sight and smell are the senses that activate our salivary glands. Take time to appreciate the beauty of the meal, deeply inhale the aromas, and feel gratitude for the food before you.

Tip #4: Chew your food, aiming for a minimum of 20 chews per bite (the recommended is 50). In our fast paced world, this step is often overlooked, causing large chunks of food to not be properly broken down and mixed with our saliva. This places excess strain on our guts, generating stress hormones which obstruct the production of stomach acid shutting down the digestive process, and leading to indigestion.

Tip #5: Put down your utensils after each bite as this will allow yourself time to chew instead of placing more food into your mouth. By doing this simple step, we allow our brain the time needed to catch up with the signalling from our stomachs preventing that  “overstuffed” feeling.

Tip #6: Take small sips of room temperature water as needed. Drinking too much water during a meal can dilute your stomach acid, hindering the break down of food, leading to indigestion and other issues.

Tip #7: Everything in moderation.

Here’s to a safe and happy holiday season and remember, it is never too late to set YOUR stage for LIFE!

Nutritionally Yours,

Kira Greasley

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