Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Massage

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Whether it’s your first massage or your fiftieth it’s important to know these few tips to help you get the most out of your treatment. We recommend a monthly massage for everyone from a maintenance perspective and more often if you suffer from a chronic condition.

Arrive on time, or even a few minutes early. If you arrive in a rush or panic about being late, it’ll take you that much longer to settle in to your massage. Of course if you are late, your therapist might have to cut it short in order to make his or her next session.

Try not to eat too much or too heavy a meal right before your massage. A light snack to make sure you’re not thinking about your growling belly should do the trick.

Some people are not sure if they should remove all of their clothing and others are just not comfortable with the idea. The main thing is that you are comfortable, and that the therapist is able to access the areas of the body that they will need to work on.

Don’t be afraid to communicate with your therapist. Prior to your session, there may be a questionnaire to fill out and the therapist might do a quick Q and A with you if you are a new patient. Tell your therapist accurate information about your health or injury history and during the massage feel free to tell you therapist if you feel like the pressure is too much, too little, or even if there’s a specific spot you’d like them to work on. It’s your time so if the room is too hot or cold, the music isn’t the right volume, or the lights or too bright you can ask your therapist to adjust those conditions as well.

Ensure you are breathing throughout the massage. If you’re holding your breath, you’re likely to tense up. Perhaps it’s a painful area that is making you hold your breath but we assure you, breathing through it is always better. If you can’t get your mind to settle, breathing can help with this too. Try to focus on why you’re there and thank yourself for taking the time to give your body what it needs.

Do you like to chat or do you enjoy the silence? Generally, it’s your choice to do what you like and your therapist will let you be the boss of this.

Your therapist will likely tell you to take your time getting up at the end of the massage. Please take their advice as you may be a little dizzy or light-headed post massage.

Drink plenty of water post-massage to flush any extra toxins that have been released during your massage. Massages can also be dehydrating as the kneading of muscles can get fluid pumping out of your muscles and into your circulatory system.

Re-book your next appointment before you leave to help you stay on a massage schedule for life![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]