Health Tips for Men

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November is Men’s health awareness month so guys take a read of these tips we’ve compiled and ladies share with the important men in your life. We know that men are often a little slower to address nagging issues and are less likely to visit their doctor on a regular basis. But it’s important for men to pay attention to their body, mind and overall health.

Eat Healthy – This is a given for all people but there are foods that can help boost men’s health in general. Fatty fish, pumpkin seeds, broccoli, berries, and red and orange vegetables are great items to incorporate often as they are directly related to benefits such as decreased risks of prostate cancer and improved brain function. If you’re unsure of what a healthy diet looks like for you, don’t be afraid to consult a nutritionist for help. Taking a cooking class can be a great way to learn something new and to help you prepare these healthy foods in a tasty way.

Get a Move On – Men should be getting at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week. This could include a brisk walk, yard work, swimming and other light activities. If you’re aiming to do more vigorous things like running, cycling or playing hockey, then 75 minutes per week can do the trick. It’s also important to throw in strength training 2 or more times per week especially for those larger muscle groups. If you’re having trouble hitting these targets then some small changes can be helpful. Take a walking meeting with a colleague, take the stairs, join in and play with the kids, and park a little further away than normal. It all counts!

Let’s Consider Safety – Whether you are mowing the lawn, going snowmobiling or biking, or helping your buddy move a couch just ensure that you’re practicing everything safely. That means helmets or proper equipment, lifting in a proper way, and checking your surroundings. Safety can stop those preventable injuries that can sometimes end up nagging us for a lifetime.

Stress Management – Stress can take a toll on our physical body and on our mental health, so it’s important for men to find positive ways to deal with their stress. This could be exercise, seeing a therapist to learn new coping techniques, regular massages, developing work-life balance, or talking openly about your problems with trusted friends or family members.

At Age 50 It’s Time to Talk Prostates with Your Doctor – According to Movember’s website, you should talk to your doctor at age 50 about prostate cancer and whether it’s time for you to have a PSA test. If you are of African or Caribbean decent, or have a father or brother with prostate cancer then you should speak to your doctor at age 45. (

Ok men! You’ve got the details now so start incorporating some of these tips into your life today.

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