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Medical Consultant MD, CCFP

As a part of the AST Clinic, Dr. Westmacott and Carole Westmacott RN of IDEAL HEALTH, have adopted an Integrated approach to their patient care. We believe that Integration is the most effective approach for total health. In our team approach, we look at the whole person. We initially investigate the person’s presenting symptoms with a comprehensive history and then follow up with appropriate tests – including but not limited to regular medical tests. With the information obtained, we work together with each person to formulate an Individualized treatment plan with the long term goal of Sustaining Performance through Maintenance and Prevention. This is accomplished with Lifestyle changes, Nutrition, Acute Homeopathy, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, appropriate Supplements and the use of High Potency Homeopathy to assist with changing the Emotional and Mental Patterns and Blueprints that prevent people from reaching their potential on all levels.

Patients still maintain their own Family Doctor but choose IDEAL HEALTH in order to include an Integrated approach to Health Care. Patients feel confident with this combination approach to their investigation and treatment. In the office, they also value the longer appointments and the attention that is given to their individualized concerns.


It is our dedicated intention to provide the IDEAL environment for those who are aware of, value and are committed to their active participation in an Integrated pursuit of wellness on each and every level – Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual

Women’s Health

We believe that it is very important for Women to put themselves back into the picture. Often we see Women who have looked after the needs of everyone around them at home and at work with very little consideration for themselves and now are in a position of fatigue / burnout and Hormonal Dysfunction. Women are starting to understand that looking after themselves is not selfish but ultimately means that they have far more to give – because they are now able to give from their overflow. They are therefore happier and healthier and as a result are able to influence all of those around them in a positive way. This is accomplished by our integrated approach and individualized care.

Homeopathy and Holistic Counseling

Homeopathy is a unique system of medicine based upon Natural Laws of Healing. It provides, safe effective treatment for all ages and includes effective treatment for mental, emotional and physical ailments. Homeopathic medicines act by stimulating the body’s own recuperative powers or ‘vital force’ allowing the body to heal itself and return to a state of optimum health. Homeopathic remedy action is now more easily understood and explained with the study and acceptance of Quantum Physics. Treatment is aimed at removing the cause of illness (imbalance) rather than trying to eliminate or suppress the symptoms alone.

The remedies are derived from plant, mineral or animal sources but cannot be compared to herbal therapy treatment.

Today Homeopathy is becoming more popular in North America as people begin to seek an Holistic approach to health care and want to take charge of their own health. Homeopathy is practiced widely throughout the world in both private clinics and hospitals. Practitioners of Homeopathy include: Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Chiropractors and Veterinarians.

The overall treatment plan includes an Holistic Assessment and Counselling session to determine a person’s single Constitutional remedy.

Bio-identical Hormone Therapy

When necessary and appropriate, we will prescribe Physiological Doses of Bio-Identical Hormones (also known as - Natural Hormones, Human Identical Hormones) as part of our treatment since 1999. It is important for people to be able to understand the difference between the responses of the body to Non Human Identical Synthetic Hormones. We determine the necessity for Hormone support from presenting symptoms and from Saliva Test results. Using this data we customize the person’s treatment according to their personal needs. Bio-identical hormones are filled by skilled compounding Pharmacists using this individualized prescription.

It is to be understood, that just prescribing replacement hormones, is only part of any treatment plan. Even though Peri-menopause and Menopause are the primary times in a women’s life where the use of BHRT is most used, we are seeing hormonal imbalances in much younger women in today’s society. In this situation, temporary use of Bio-Identical hormones and of course, along with other treatments can be very effective.

General Health Maintenance

Lifestyle changes (not just physically) but also how we think and how we react and feel are essential for complete and permanent healing to occur

For General Health Maintenance all of these areas need to be addressed and maintained

Nutrition and Diet – with food sensitivity testing

Supplements – for appropriate maintenance

Detoxification and Homeopathic Drainage Protocols

Lifestyle changes

Stress response management[/vc_column_text][minti_spacer][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][minti_spacer][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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