Lori Heidt Registered Massage Therapist, RMT

Lori’s main goal is to provide the exact customized treatment that promptly and effectively resolves your individual problem of patient ailments.  Her main interest lies in helping people recover from pain and restriction caused by postural strain,injury and accidents,nerve compression or other chronic problems.  Whether you’re a senior,pre or post natal or an over ambitious weekend warrior, Lori understands the importance of a healthy pain free body to maintain vital health and wellness.

A native Calgarian and the mother of 3 grown athletic boys, her compassion and understanding of her patients needs has resulted in countless longstanding client relationships.  “After 16 years at AST I’m as passionate as ever when it comes to my patients’ well being!”

When Lori is not busy at work she enjoys spending time with family and friends and staying active.  She is a passionate cyclist and loves the outdoors, taking full advantage of our beautiful Rocky Mountains,whether it’s hiking in the summer or skiing and snowshoeing in the winter.  Lori also finds time to go to the gym and is very focused on the importance of good nutrition!