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Sport Nutrition

Sports Nutrition supports athletes through their training programs to reduce the risk of illness and injury, to promote efficient recovery and help them achieve peak performance. Sports nutrition may include weight loss, weight gain, and maintenance and performance refinement. Focus is on the individual through proper hydration as well as quality, quantity and type fuel for the body.

Active Ageing

Active Aging focuses on the quality of life of older adults. Their needs and wants are often over looked leaving them uneducated and unhealthy. Active Aging focuses on specialized communication, education and support of the older adult in relation to their health and lifestyle goals. Achieving optimal health and nutrition will successfully impact the golden years for the older adult.

First Line Therapy

First Line Therapy is an evidence based program to therapeutic lifestyle changes. First Line Therapy uses a food first approach along with medical foods to help assist in the prevention and management of chronic illness. Together we create menu plans and engage in goal setting and education on healthy lifestyle choices.