AST 2019 Monthly Lecture Series

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January 23rd, 7:30pm at Active Sports Therapy (9950 Macleod Trail)

Is your exercise routine helping or hurting you?

When you try to put people into a traditional exercise program instead of designing exercises for people’s individual body builds, you may risk placing unnecessary and potentially dangerous stresses on their bodies. This added stress can lead to injury, decreased recovery times, and can slow down potential exercise progress.

Active Sports Therapy and Vitality Fitness are teaming up to talk to you about your body and your goals to ensure you are moving in a way that’s right for you.

We believe the better you move the better you feel.

This informative and cutting edge talk is hosted by Sarah Kuindersma, MAT Specialist from Active Sports Therapy as well as guest presenter Nicki Martzoukous, former national gymnast athlete and coach, and now the lead trainer at Vitality Fitness.
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