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You Do Not Have to Live with Chronic Disease

Dr. Clare Westmacott MD, CCFP, MFHOM (UK) Carole Westmacott RN

This promises to be a leading edge presentation on the new, emerging science of healing:

We will discuss the root causes of CHRONIC DISEASE and most of all – what we can do about it.

You will see how Regaining & Maintaining VIBRANT HEALTH is a skill we can all Learn & Practice daily.

You will learn how Epigenetics trumps your DNA in Chronic Disease production

We will also introduce you to the relationship of aging and Telomeres, as well as Stem Cell Therapy in Chronic Disease.

Healthy Posture for a Pain – Free Life

Michelle Nay BSc PT, MCPA

The Gokhale Method uses healthy posture and movement to help you restore your structural integrity and regain a pain-free life.We are marvellously designed creatures. We have inherent grace and strength, like every other creature on the planet. Most pain can be attributed to how we hold ourselves and how we move.

The Gokhale Method emphasizes everyday movement rather than periodic exercise sessions. You will learn the proper way to sit and bend for lifting, and then integrate them into everyday activities.

Treating Insomnia Naturally

Dr. Gayle BSc, ND

Learn the effects of hormones, blood sugar, and food on your sleep patterns.  This lecture will cover which supplements may help insomnia and which should be avoided.

The Truth about Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease

March 7 – Diamond Fernandes BSc., ACSM, NSCA, CSC

Over 50% of heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol profiles.

Learn about the truth about cholesterol and really what causes heart attacks and strokes.

In this talk, you will learn:

  • Why over 50% of people who have heart disease have normal cholesterol profiles.
  • Why bad LDL cholesterol is not all bad and why the good HDL cholesterol is not all good.
  • 3 vital heart tests you must have to prevent a heart attack or stroke
  • When you should and when you should not be on cholesterol lowering drugs
  • 5 powerful steps that you can take to prevent and reverse heart disease.

Please join special guest Diamond Fernandes for this cutting edge information you cannot get anywhere else!

Understanding Healing – Why does it sometimes take a while to heal, and how can it be sped up?

Dr. Corey Finan BSc, DC, CCSP, RMT, ART

When it comes to healing, everyone is different.  The requirements for healing can be the same for everyone, but how they heal can be different.  From genetic differences to nutritional differences, to physical differences, everyone heals slightly differently.  We will talk about some of the main ways healing can be slowed, and offer ideas on how to speed it up.

We will look at how Total Stress Load plays a role, how the inflammatory process begins and ends, how it is regulated, and what can speed it up or slow it down.  We will also talk about medications, and their implications on healing.  You will hopefully leave with answers that allow you to heal at an optimal level.

Muscle Activation Technique

Sarah Kundersma MAT

Muscle Activation Techniques is a technique designed to facilitate and restore proper muscle activation and contraction in order to prevent injuries and compensation in the body, thus helping people to get back into doing what they love to do.

If you feel that restrictions in the way your body moves affects aspects of your life, come check out Sarah Kuindersma talk about MAT to see if its the right fit for you.

Understanding the Shoulder and Hip – Injuries and Treatment

Dr. Dave Westmacott B.Kin., DC, RMT, ART

Are you limited in your sport or daily activities by shoulder or hip pain? Does this pain cause limited movement or keep you awake at night? What can’t you do that you love doing because of this?

You will learn about shoulder and hip mechanics and how they are similar, various conditions, treatment methods, as well as essential exercises for injury correction, injury prevention and performance enhancement.

Stem Cells, PRP, and Prolotherapy.  Which treatment is right for Arthritis, Tendonitis and Fasciitis?

Dr. Frank Johnson MD, D. Sport Med

The appearance of stem cell clinics around the world have triggered conversations between patients and their doctors.  Come for an evening’s discussion about Stem Cells and other natural treatments to help your own body heal itself.

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