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Dave MacDonald B.Kin. – Vitality Fitness

In the pursuit of better health and fitness, we are told to set big goals in working towards our desired lifestyle changes. In the short and long term, knowing your destination is certainly helpful, but are we setting our expectations and raising the bar too high?

In our experience, clients “fail” not due to a lack of motivation, will, or expert guidance, but because they are setting goals that are too big and creating unrealistic expectations for themselves.  This perpetuates frustration, apathy, and eventually leads to the client quitting and giving up on themselves and their goals.

In this presentation we will discuss the power of setting very small, easy, and extremely conservative goals, and discuss the importance of enjoying the “process” on the way there.

As counter intuitive and unconventional as this approach may look, you will walk away feeling empowered to make healthy lifestyle changes and have a whole new perspective on reaching your goals.

David Macdonald is a certified personal trainer and owner of both Vitality Fitness Calgary locations. He holds various certifications and courses in TRX training, Functional Movement Screening, Anatomy, and a degree in Kinesiology from St. Francis Xavier University.  Vitality Fitness Calgary specializes in helping everyday Men and Women lose weight, eat healthier, and make permanent lifestyle changes.

Melanie Mathews – Certified Holistic Nutritionist CHN

A new year brings a new beginning; a time for intention, motivation and change. Join Melanie Mathews, Holistic Nutritional Consultant in a discussion about Goal Setting and how you can achieve success in 2017!

What you will learn:

  • 4 reasons you MUST set goals if you want to see change.
  • Why MOST people aren’t successful when setting goals and how YOU CAN be.
  • The EXACT step-by-step process to realizing, setting and making your goals happen.

What you will get:

  • Pre bonus Goal Setting Worksheet
  • Post bonus No Pitch FREE Mini Session with Melanie Mathews, Holistic Nutritional Consultant


Lis Kunzi – Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT)

Certified Birth Doula CD(Dona)

Owner, Step Forward to Better Health

What is a Doula? A must see presentation for all expectant couples. Get all of your questions answered and find out what types of support a doula offers during prenatal, labour and postpartum.

We assist you in creating a birth plan and comforting techniques in the prenatal stage.

During the labour stage we help to create a safe environment, advocate

for your needs, and never leave your side. Once baby is born postpartum support is also offered to ease the integration of the newborn to the family.

Please come and enjoy this presentation from special guest Lis Kunzi where all of your questions will be answered.

Michelle Nay PT

The Gokhale Method uses healthy posture and movement to help you restore your structural integrity and regain a pain-free life.

We are marvellously designed creatures. We have inherent grace and strength, like every other creature on the planet.

Most pain can be attributed to how we hold ourselves and how we move.

The Gokhale Method emphasizes everyday movement rather than periodic exercise sessions.

You will learn the proper way to sit and bend for lifting, and then integrate them into everyday activities.

Diamond Fernandes BSc., ACSM, NSCA, CSCS

Over 50% of heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol profiles.

Learn about the truth about cholesterol and really what causes heart attacks and strokes.

In this talk, you will learn:

  • Why over 50% of people who have heart disease have normal cholesterol profiles.
  • Why bad LDL cholesterol is not all bad and why the good HDL cholesterol is not all good.
  • 3 vital heart tests you must have to prevent a heart attack or stroke
  • When you should and when you should not be on cholesterol lowering drugs
  • 5 powerful steps that you can take to prevent and reverse heart disease.

Please join special guest Diamond Fernandes for this cutting edge information you cannot get anywhere else!

Sarah Kuindersma 

Muscle Activation Technique is a technique designed to facilitate and restore proper muscle activation and contraction in order to prevent injuries and compensation in the body, thus helping people to get back into doing what they love to do.

If you feel that restrictions in the way your body moves affects aspects of your life, come check out Sarah Kuindersma talk about MAT to see if its the right fit for you.

Dr. Corey Finan, D.C., C.C.S.P.

How your core control (or lack thereof) can make or break how you perform, and whether or not you will suffer from low back or shoulder pain during your life.

The core (being made up of your diaphragm, pelvic floor, abdominal wall muscles and low back muscles) is the transmission system of your body.  It allows you to transfer power generated in the lower body to the upper body, and vice versa.  It is an integral part of your movement patterning.

The idea of Core Strengthening is flawed, in that it is not so much core strength that is important, but rather the co-ordinated contraction of the core pre-movement to allow a fixation point on the torso for the muscles of the lower and upper extremities to function properly.

The basic principles behind proper core development and training will be addressed, along with strategies for ongoing core co-ordination and control.

Anyone who suffers from ongoing low back pain, repetitive low back strain, hip or leg pain, back and arm pain will benefit from the information presented.

Dr. Clare Westmacott MD, CCFP, MF(Hom)

Carole Westmacott RN

From this talk you will learn:

That symptoms are our bodies’ way of communicating to us.

That the meaning of symptoms is to be understood and not just suppressed.

How to read your symptoms and use that as a guide to healing.

How daily stress (physical, emotional & mental) impacts our Health & Hormones.

The Real meaning of Prevention and Maintenance of good Health

Dr. Gayle Maguire BSc., ND

Do you struggle with ligament or tendon issues?  Is your doctor discussing cortisone shots or surgery?  Please join Dr Gayle Maguire, naturopathic Doctor, for this informative session on prolotherapy, a mild regenerative injection therapy with great results in chronically weak or partially torn ligaments and tendons.  Recent studies of supplements for pain will also be discussed.

Dr. David Westmacott B.Kin., DC

Are you limited in your sport or daily activities by shoulder pain or limited movement? Does shoulder pain keep you awake at night? Come and see this informative lecture on how to make a shoulder that doesn’t work properly, work better than it has ever worked before!

You will learn about shoulder mechanics, various shoulder conditions, treatment methods, as well as essential shoulder exercises for injury correction, injury prevention and performance enhancement.

Erik Larson – Pure Cycle

Please welcome special guest Erik Larson from Calgary’s Pure Cycle as he discusses the ins and outs of proper bike fitting and how it relates to function and injury prevention.

  • the difference between bike fitting and bike sizing
  • who is bike fitting relevant to
  • what are the benefits of a correctly fit bicycle

Spring is here and cycling season has begun!

Charles Miron B.Kin. – Elite Athlete Ultra-Marathoner / Coach

Special guest Charles will be sharing his rigorous training schedule and his experience winning the grueling 250km Fire and Ice ultra-marathon across the diverse and unpredictable interior of Iceland.

Charles is a mental guru who has helped many elite and age group athletes develop mental strategies to excel in endurance competitions.

Whether you are new to running, looking to step-up your game, are training or are considering training for a ultra marathon or triathlon, you won’t want to miss this motivational story of success!

Jennifer Strukoff – Yoga Instructor 

Join Jennifer Strukoff for and introductory C.A.T. Yoga Class here at Active Sports Therapy.

C.A.T. is highly effective at assessing and treating dysfunctional movement patterns in the body by releasing tension and stabilizing areas throughout the spine, hips, shoulders and neck.

Using specialized tools and bringing awareness into your body with breathing techniques we start working on creating relaxation in the larger movement muscles at the surface of the body, then build stability and connections through more effective movement patterns that involve the deeper layers of postural muscles.

Apart from improving your posture this yoga therapy is ideal for treating repetitive strain injuries. It has also been shown to be highly effective for those suffering from chronic pain, athletic injuries and stress.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat and water.

Class is limited to 15 participants.

Dr. Marjorie Mayers, Registered psychologist

Whether or not you’ve been injured, are on a maintenance program, or you work to strengthen your physical self, change in health and wellness is a constant. Come learn about the emotional and psychological processes of change and how these processes impact how we negotiate the consistency of life’s challenges. From both the points of view of the physical body as well as the psychological self, this hour will help you gain insight into your own experience of the change process, its effect on how you manage stress, and its importance in your quest for holistic health.

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